Over the years of managing web projects, we've learned a few things. Here's what you can expect from hiring us:



Tell us what you have in mind, even if it’s just a vague idea. You can find us via email or simply pick up the phone and give us a call. We have friendly people manning the lines.


2.Initial proposal & guideline prices

Once we have a rough idea of what you might need, we’d love meeting up with you. It’s important that we’re the right fit for each other.

Armed with a loadful of past experiences, we will then put together an initial proposal and estimate. We’ve worked with one-man-bands to small businesses and blue-chip corporate businesses – nothing is too big or too small for My Monster Lab.


3.Project specification

What are your goals? What results are you expecting to achieve? How will your website or web application deliver those goals and results? These are some of the things that we will identify through discussions, and look to draw up a site structure. In most cases, we will produce an easy-to-understand “wireframe” prototype, identifying key features and how they fit together.


4.Design phase

Provisional designs will be produced to convey the general look and feel of your website. While not every page of the website will be individually designed, the provisional designs will be used as a style guide to be applied consistently throughout the site, with each page layout adapted to fit its contents. It usually takes multiple rounds of discussions, feedbacks and tweaks until a final design is agreed upon.


5.Design phase

Based on all the information collected, we will proceed to develop the project. We work with open source server-side technologies including CodeIgniter, PHP and MySQL. Meanwhile, we build web applications using Ruby on Rails, as it allows us to deliver projects in a timely manner without compromising the quality of our work.


6.Testing,feedback & amends

Your satisfaction is important to us. We will ask for feedback at regular intervals, make changes as per your requests, and make your project available for you to test online before going public.


7.Go Live!

Once complete, the website or web application is ready to go live!


8.Review, analyse & improve

Once launched, there is a short “bedding in” period during which we monitor your website, fix any bugs, and make inevitable tweaks and changes you need once you start using it in earnest. You can also use this time to review your site’s performance on search engine results pages.