5 Advantages of Responsive Web Design

With the numbers of individuals using smartphones and tablets, there’s no doubt that a responsive web design is very essential in the web design point of view during these days. But, what is a responsive web design and what are its advantages?

Facts about Responsive Web Design

RWD or Responsive Web Design is an approach of coding and laying-out a website in order for a website to provide a great viewing experience including ease of navigation and reading with a minimum of planning, resizing, and scrolling across various devices including desktop computers to mobile phones.

The designer making a responsive design must ensure that the navigation elements, text, screen-layouts, images, video or audio players, and some UI elements of the website re-adjust themselves on different devices. Therefore, one should spend extra money and time in developing and maintaining a mobile site and desktop site version of the website.

The Benefits of Having Responsive Web Design

  • Excellent User Experience

Even if content is still considered as the king and the discoverability of the site’s content play a vital role to achieve success, it’s the user experience that allows visitors to consume content on any site by the device of their preference and choice. With responsive web design, you will be able to provide an optimal user experience for every user regardless of the device he or she is using.

  • Ultra Flexible

The best thing about responsive web design sites is that these are like fluid. This means that the content of the site moves freely across all devices and screen resolutions. Both images and grids are fluid. Just like a liquid spreads out to let its content to fill the space while retaining its appearance, the fluidity of the responsive web design achieves the best result as website content.

  • Cost-Effective

The benefits of having a website that conforms to the need of every device are significant in comparison to having two websites. A website costs less than two and can let you save some of your money. The site that is solely designed for mobile devices do not offer the advanced navigational tactics found in typical website and they also need users to maintain a total of 2 web addresses for your website. This is a bit inconvenient for everyone and may cause them to check out other sites. With responsive web design, you will be able to provide your users the best viewing experience regardless of the device they’re using.

  • It Is Highly Recommended by Google

With the sixty-seven percent search market share, once Google started to speak, the search marketers will listen. Google stated that responsive web design is high recommended for mobile configuration and is recognized as the best practice in the industry.

  • Simple to Manage

Having two websites for desktop and mobile may require you having separate campaigns for SEO. But, if you will manage one site, you will only need one SEO campaign. This is what responsive web design offers. Through this, everything is simple to manage as you will only have to deal with a single site.


There are other advantages of having a responsive web design. The choice is yours. If you want to reap all the benefits of having a responsive web design, then look for the best company or professional who can offer you what you really need.

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